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Welcome and thank you for visiting the Operative Plasterers and Cement Masons Local Union No. 797 website. Our leadership and members hope you find the information provided to be useful and informative.

Local 797, is part of the Operative Plasterers and Cement Masons International Association. For over 150 years, the Operative Plasterers' and Cement Masons' International Association (OPCMIA) has represented and trained plasterers and cement masons for the purpose of protecting and promoting the quality of our industry and the livelihood of our members.

Members of Local 797 can be found working on major projects throughout Nevada. OPCMIA Local 797 members have worked on projects of all kinds from highways and bridges to the famous hotel/casino towers along the strip.

We work on the walkways, buildings and bridges you use every day. Local 797 members are a dedicated, highly trained, and skilled group of workers that keep Nevada growing.

Please take time to review the wealth of information that has been provided. You can learn more About Us, our Contractors, and our Training. Thank You for your time.

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4th Quarter 2017 Newsletter!
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Email is one of the fastest and easiest ways of communicating in today's world and we want to stay current with the times. Call the office today and make sure we have your email address on file so we can send you important reminders and information.

Is There Anything More Important Than Family!
Take a minute to watch this video commercial from the International. This is a great video showing the importance of family with the OPCMIA.

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"Here To Stay" a Video from the International
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Check out this video on the history of the OPCMIA

"Proud, Strong, United" a video from the International

WE NOW ACCEPT CREDIT AND DEBIT CARDS!!! Click here for more details.
We have been talking for some time now about the desire to accept credit cards and debit cards for dues payments. Well the wait is over! Both the Las Vegas and the Reno Offices are now accepting credit cards and debit cards as a form of payment.

OPCMIA Local 797 is NOW ON FACEBOOK! This opens another line of communication to our Members in helping you to remain informed of your Local happenings. Find our Group and join us!

50 Strategies for Job Site Success

The Truth About Dirty Jobs
Mike joins CNBC’s “The American Economy” to discuss the skills gap, high unemployment, the labor shortage and important programs like Go Build Alabama. But this could be easily be a discussion about Nevada.

We need to dramatically increase jobs for America's equipment manufacturers so they are able to prosper and grow right here in the U.S. When they succeed, America wins. Just add your name to the growing list of supporters and tell Congress to take action!

Celebrating Dirty Jobs
Mike Rowe, the host of "Dirty Jobs," tells some compelling (and horrifying) real-life job stories. Listen for his insights and observations about the nature of hard work, and how it’s been unjustifiably degraded in society today.

Do you tell an apprentice to slow down while on the job site? What do you think the apprentice is learning from the journeyperson? Click on the words DO NOT PERFORM (above) to discover what you are causing.

Mike Rowe Asks Congress To Support More Dirty Jobs
Discovery Channel "Dirty Jobs" creative director and host Mike Rowe talks to congress about the need for more congressional support of national public relations campaign for skilled labor.

Silica Exposure
Silica is a common substance found in sand, rock, and building materials such as concrete and brick. Cutting, grinding, or drilling these materials releases dangerous crystalline silica dust into the air. This video shows how breathing in silica dust can cause permanent damage to the lungs. (2 min 01s)

Made in America???
How much of what you own is made in America? Where are your clothes made? How about the furniture you are sitting on, is it made in America? How can you help put Americans back to work?

Change of Address/Phone Number Form
Have you recently moved or changed your home or cell phone number? Download and complete this form and send it back to the Local. Only by keeping us up-to-date with your contact information can we provide you with the latest Local Newsletters and other important union-related information.

Plasterers and Cement Masons Implement Green Construction Technologies and Training
The new programs of the OPCMIA’s Green Five curricula will be incorporated into our existing curricula to reach approximately 5,400 students in three-year cycles across more than seventy training programs at our locals, Joint Apprenticeship & Training Centers, community colleges and vocational/technical school locations.