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Training is the foundation upon which a skilled craft builds its reputation, and without a solid foundation a building will crumble and fall. That is why the OPCMIA maintains a host of training programs to support the plaster and concrete industry. Each program is carefully designed to maximize productivity, quality, safety, and opportunity. From our pre-apprenticeship partnership with the federal government's Job Corps program to our international network of registered apprenticeships to our journeymen upgrading and safety courses; each aspect of the OPCMIA training agenda is designed to support the ever changing needs of the industries we represent.

Journeymen Training News

2018 Reno 1st Semester Training Schedule

Do you tell an apprentice to slow down while on the job site? What do you think the apprentice is learning from the journeyperson? Click on the words DO NOT PERFORM (above) to discover what you are causing.

Silica Exposure
Silica is a common substance found in sand, rock, and building materials such as concrete and brick. Cutting, grinding, or drilling these materials releases dangerous crystalline silica dust into the air. This video shows how breathing in silica dust can cause permanent damage to the lungs. (2 min 01s)

Plasterers and Cement Masons Implement Green Construction Technologies and Training
The new programs of the OPCMIA’s Green Five curricula will be incorporated into our existing curricula to reach approximately 5,400 students in three-year cycles across more than seventy training programs at our locals, Joint Apprenticeship & Training Centers, community colleges and vocational/technical school locations.

Operative Plasterers & Cement Masons' Joint Apprenticeship and Training Trust Vision and Mission Statement

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